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Statement CC 23/2023 - October 26, 2023

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Greetings to “International Conference – For a real peace, a fair peace”: to promoters and participants

Dear comrades,

the (new)ICP greets the “International Conference – For a real peace, a fair peace”, that will take place in Rome in the next October 27-28, 2023 and will gather in Italy representatives of anti-imperialist, progressive and democratic struggle of many countries.

The Promoting Committee of the Conference hopes for the shape of “a world based on respect for every people and all nationalities”. Great! Such a world is socialism: for anyone who goes deep in the search for the main source of the wars raging in the world today and provoking so much suffering and destruction, it will turn out that it lies in the conflicts between the great capitalist commodities’ producers, tycoons or speculators and in the oppression they exert on the workers of their own country and the peoples of other countries.

For decades, namely since the end of the 19th century, the beginning in the history of humanity of the epoch that we communists call imperialist epoch, peoples have no longer been driven to war by the need to increase their productive forces and to dispose of a greater quantity of goods in their struggle for survival. It is capitalists who force peoples to war.

Each capitalist must increase his capital: he can do this only by exploiting the workers of his own country and the other ones, taking the place of other competing capitalists, stifling socialist and new democratic revolutions. Some socialist countries were born through socialist and new democratic revolutions in the 20th century: the Soviet Union first lead by Lenin and then by Stalin was the first of those countries. Distinguishing features of a socialist country are 1. the public and planned management of economic activities to produce goods and services necessary for the population of the country and for relations of exchange, collaboration and solidarity with other countries and 2. the systematic use of the resources produced in this way to increase the access of the whole population to specifically human activities.

In every country, the indispensable condition of these features is that power belongs the promoters of socialism. We communists boast of being the vanguard of the workers who mobilize and organize to establish and develop socialism.

Among the first socialist countries, some managed to successfully cope with the attempts that the capitalists of the country itself and the rest of the world made to stifle them, taking advantage of the fact that, as Churchill shamelessly said, “socialism is still a cradle child”. In some countries the capitalists took over again in the long run: in the end, in 1991 the Soviet Union itself dissolved. In other countries the struggle between the classes is still going on. Some of the latter group had a great development: the case of the People's Republic of China is exemplary. But in conclusion, the capitalists still rule most countries of the world today. The most powerful states in the world are still today imperialist ones: the USA, the European powers united in NATO and some of their accomplices (Japan and others). The Zionist State of Israel is one of them. It is precisely with the war that the State of the US imperialist groups, the most powerful of them, by extending its worldwide network of bases and other military installations, seeks to perpetuate the supremacy it had achieved in much of the world at the end of World War II, although its commercial supremacy was long over and its monetary and financial supremacy is unstable. The expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and the attempt to impose a similar network in the countries of the Indo-Pacific area characterize the system of international relations.

The International Community (IC) of imperialist groups with the State of the US imperialists at its head, pressed by the second general crisis due to absolute overproduction of capital that began around the second half of the 70s, is increasingly weakened and it is forced to carry out operations of aggression – through boycott and economic sabotage, terrorist acts against civilians, corruption of political leaders, proxy wars, implementation of NATO bases, etc. – against the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China and others. It engages in criminal operations in South America (coup attempts, support for subversive operations, etc.), Africa and the Middle East (war operations in the name of “war on terror”).

However, the IC is faced with an increasingly open opposition from peoples and countries that do not intend to submit to it. This opposition includes the October 7 strike by Hamas and other factions of the Palestinian Resistance to the Zionist State of Israel, with the operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”, which feeds confidence in rebellion and victory for the oppressed peoples around the world.

In the light of this general vision of history and the situation, we have a correct vision of the current system of international relations, and we have the strength to face the promoters of the wars in progress until we end them.

It is possible to end it. The imperialist countries seem strong, but in fact every imperialist country is undermined by the contradictions between the same imperialist groups of the country and the growing restlessness of the popular masses. The case of the USA is exemplary, the most powerful imperialist state today, with the internal contradictions it must face.

Let’s conclude these greetings by sending wishes of great success to the participants of the Conference, convinced that this initiative will develop debate and excitement in Italy and in other countries to advance in the liberation of peoples from the imperialist yoke!

As long as there is oppression and exploitation, there is resistance that revolutionaries turn into rebellion!

Long live solidarity, friendship and brotherhood among peoples fighting against imperialism!

Central Committee of (new)Italian Communist Party